This page provides resources for faculty involved in the reappointment, tenure, and promotion (RTP) processes at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). A number of foundational documents govern RTP, which are given below in order of decreasing precedence:

To document the progress of a faculty member through the different level of review, this page also supplies the necessary forms.


During the probationary period, as defined in §3.3 (Probationary Period) of the UTC Faculty Handbook, a faculty member is annually reappointed according to the processes detailed in §3.6 (Reappointment of Tenure-Track Faculty) and §3.7 (Reappointment Review Process). The timeline for reappointment depends on which probationary year the faculty member is completing. The current calendar for reappointments is given here:

We provide a set of flowcharts to help faculty members and administrators navigate what can be a complicated process.

We provide a checklist for constructing and documenting a faculty member’s folder as they pass through the various levels of administrative review.

We provide a recommendation form to document the outcome at each level of review in the reappointment process.

Tenure and Promotion Calendar

The full path to tenure and promotion, including standards and process, is outlined in Chapter 3 (Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty) of the UTC Faculty Handbook. The Provost sets the schedule for promotion and tenure, and the most current dates are shown in the following calendar document.

For convenience, the calendar is reproduced below.




September 15

Department RTP Committee holds organizational meeting.

Department RTP Committee solicits promotion and tenure candidates from the department faculty.

Recommended no later than this date, especially if department expects promotion or tenure candidates and therefore must solicit external reviews.
October 8

Candidates for promotion or tenure supply dossier and folder to department RTP Committee.

Department RTP Committee contacts external review candidates for willingness to review.

Use the UTC Tenure/Promotion Folder Checklist to ensure that all required materials are included.

Remember that a minimum of two must be acquired. Check with college or department bylaws for process details and additional requirements.

October 15

Department RTP Committee completes preliminary review and solicits additional information from candidate if desired.

The RTP Committee chair or a subset of the committee could complete this review.
November 1

Final dossiers sent to external reviewers.

Dean appoints College Tenure and Promotion Committee.

January 1

Department RTP Committee should have received at least two external reviews.

Final review of the candidate can begin as soon as the reviews are received.
January 15 Department RTP Committee sends its recommendation to the Department Head. Communication to the candidate is not required, but is recommended.
February 1 Department Head sends her or his recommendation to the Dean, and notifies the candidate at the same time. Department Head also sends notice and justification to the RTP Committee if non-concurring recommendation. Dean should immediately communicate each case to her or his College Tenure and Promotion Committee for review and recommendation.
February 15

College Tenure and Promotion Committee sends recommendations to Dean.

Department RTP Committee may send dissenting report to Dean if non-concurring recommendation between department RTP Committee and Department Head.

College Tenure and Promotion Committee recommendations are advisory to Dean, and its vote must be recorded on the recommendation form.
February 22 Dean sends recommendations forward to Provost. Send both the promotion/tenure dossier and promotion/tenure folder forward for any case which had a split vote in the department RTP Committee or which has some disagreement amongst the recommendations of the department RTP Committee, Department Head, College Tenure and Promotion Committee, or Dean.
March 15 Provost sends recommendations forward to Chancellor.  
April 8 Chancellor sends recommendation forward to President.  

Tenure and Promotion Forms

A faculty member seeking tenure or promotion will use the following checklist to prepare a folder which will pass up the administrative review chain. This folder is used in addition to the complete dossier of professional materials prepared by a tenure or promotion candidate.

We provide a recommendation form to document the outcome at each level of review in the tenure or promotion review processes. Tenure and promotion have separate forms.

Advice to Candidates

Each year the Provost holds open forums to answer questions from candidates for reappointment, tenure, or promotion as well as participants in the chain of review. Questions and answers from the last forums are collected below.