High-Impact Practices Grants and Classroom Mini-Grants Awarded

Fall 2020

High Impact Practices Grants

lucyschultz Lucy Schultz, Philosophy, “Revitalizing Hope for the Inner City’s 'Grow Hope Urban Farm',” $2,000.00. 

Classroom Mini Grants

jayda coons Jayda Coons, Honors College, “Understanding Illness Through Narrative,” $295.45.

hargrave Katie Hargrave, Art Department, “Jen Delos Reyes Phone Sculptures / Artist Lecture,” $300.00.

hungenberg Eric Hungenberg, Health and Human Performance, “Event Experience: A Reflection Assignment,” $300.00.

Elisabeth Sheff Eli Sheff-Stefanik, Social, Cultural and Justice Studies, “Visiting Lecturer on Legal Issues Facing Black Transgender Women,” $300.00.

womack Bethany Womack Social Work, “Community Grant Writing Partnership,” $300.00.


Spring 2020

High Impact Practices Grants

arnett  James Arnett, English Department, and jeffers  Gaye Jeffers, Theatre Department, "Drag! Tools of the Trade," $1,674.00

Elise Chapman, Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science, "Inquiry-based Project Learning in Pollinator Biology," $2,000

lambert Carolyn Lambert, Art Department, "Writing Workshop with S. Erin Batiste," $1,099.46.

ventura Abbie Ventura, English Department, "Dialogues in Diversity: Children's Literature and Publishing," $1,024.00

zahry  Nagwan Zahry, Communication Department, "Empowering Students as Critical Thinkers through Social Media Production and Management," $1,640.00

Classroom Mini Grants

fernando alda pons  Fernando Alda-Pons, Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science, "Active Learning for Evolutionary Theory," $266.21

yu hu  Fang Yu Hu, History Department, "Student Research Posters," $270

eun kim  Eun Young Kim, Interior Design, "Black Light Box," $295.23

nelson Emma McDonell, Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies, "Sustainable Food System Speaker Series," $181.75

nelson Kelli Nelson, History Department, "Chattanooga Ghost Tour in American Public History," $300

thompson Michael D. Thompson, History Department, "Enslavement at Nashville Area Plantations," $300

ward Shane Ward, Art Department, "Object Memory (Smithsonian X3D)," $243.8

Fall 2019

High Impact Practices Grants

auchter  Jessica Auchter, Political Science Department, “Advocacy Week Event Funding,” $500.00.

devries  Stephanie DeVries, Biology, Geology and Environmental Science, “Stream-Gauging: Bringing Data to Life,” $2,000.00

ford  Kevin Ford, harris  Lee Harris, hicks  Jordan Hicks, wilson  Kenyon Wilson, Music Department, “Learning about Progressive Sight Reading with Carol Krueger", $1,300.00

lambert  Carolyn Lambert, Art Department, “Fact to Fiction: Strategies of Narrative Invention,” 1,863.00.

mandravelis  Stephen Mandravelis, Art Department, “Lonnie Holley: A Student-Curated Exhibition,” $1,408.00.

schmidt  Charlene Schmidt, Health and Human Performance, “The ‘Nutritious Living’ Lab,” $1,869.00. 

vogel  Christina Vogel, Art Department, “Artist Curators Ellen Letcher and Julie Torres Visit UTC Art,” $1,868.00.

wolf  Olivia Wolf, Art Department, “Gender & the Gaze: Transregional Perspectives---Hunter Museum Workshop,” $1,420.00

Classroom Mini-Grants

auchter  Jessica Auchter, Political Science Department, “Funding for Guest Speaker: Maryam Rafiee,” $300.00

brudney  Edward Brudney, History Department, “Group Poster Projects,” $283.00

dolittle  Amy Doolittle, Social Work, “Exploring the Effects of Bingocize®: A Novel and Interactive Physical Activity Intervention,” Classroom Mini-Grant, 334.99.

fang yu hu  Fang Yu Hu, History Department, "Student Poster Presentation", $249.95

kurtz  Spring Kurtz, English Department, “Making Eye and Idea Contact: A Seminar Exercise in Recognizing One Another and One Another’s Ideas,” $151.92

mills  Ethan Mills, Philosophy and Religion Department, "Philosophical Film Festival", $150

  Ashleigh Pipes, English Department, “Making Hypothetical Audiences Real”, $299.15

Summer 2019 

womack  Bethany Womack, Department of Social Work, "An Impact Study of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga," HIP Development Grant $1,168.



Spring 2019

myers  Betsy Myers, Department of Physical Therapy, "Sports Performance," $492.60. 

cruz  Elicia Cruz, Occupational Therapy Department, "The Orange Grove Center and UTC OT Community Health Collaborative," $1328.88.

bailey  Drew Bailey, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Outdoor Education Day," $2000.00. 

slobodenko  Yvonne Dunham Slobodenko, ESL Institute, " Class Trip to New Echota: Exploring Cherokee History," $200.00. 

doyle  Kevin Doyle, Counselor Education Program, "UTC Counselor Education Research Symposium," $250.00.

mccormack  Carey McCormack, History Department, "Paleo Skills Workshop,"1786.70. 

Fall 2018

hunter  Rik Hunter, English Department, "Digital Book World Conference," $2000.00

berghel  Susan Eckelmann Berghel, History Department, "Class Trip to the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, AL: Civil Rights Exhibits & Local Sights," $2000.00

mills  Ethan Mills, Department of Philosophy and Religion, "Halloween Philosophical Horror Film Festival," $425.39

ward  Shane Ward, Art Department, "Poetics of Collaborative Translation: The Poem as Spatial Rendering," $1923.50

obrien  Elizabeth O'Brien, Counselor Education Program, "Psychological Wellness Course," $420.00

durall  Amanda Durall, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Community Based Adapted Fitness," $719.28

Elliott  Trevor Elliott, Department of Mechanical Engineering, "UTC Rocket Mocs STEM Outreach and Rocketry Certification," $2000.00

roberson  Priscilla Simms-Roberson, School of Nursing, "Med Bag Review in Action," $1930.00

kim  Eun Young Kim, Interior Architecture and Design Department, "Class Trip to Lighting Workshop," $1969.90

jones  Clayton Jones, English Department, "Aquarium Research Tour and Floatable Monitoring Serve Project," $800.00

hathaway  Liz Hathaway, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Empowering Public Health Students to Impact the Chattanooga Community," $970.00

vogel  Christina Vogel, Art Department, "Artist Alexis Callender Visits UTC Art," $1583.00


Summer 2018

vogel  Christina Vogel, Art Department, "En Plein Air: Painting the Landscape from Within," $2004.00

hungenberg  Eric Hungenberg, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Exploring MiLB Fan Nostalgia: A Neuroscience Approach," $2,000.00

buggey  Ann Buggey, "Women and Textiles: New Workshops and Increased Community Involvement," $811.88

Spring 2018

kurtz  Spring Kurtz, monds  Sheena Monds, pool  Tracye Pool, Women's Studies Program, "Serving To Shelter: A Social Justice Service Learning Opportunity To Help Shelter Victims of Domestic Violence and Homelessness," $1113.56

Luke Manget, History Department, "Cades Cove Museum of Environmental History," $1000.00

miller  Tonya Miller, Interior Design Department, "Virtual Reality for Enhanced Visualization of Interior Design," $2000.00

murillo  Krysta Murillo, School of Education, "Bridging Community and School Partnerships for Education Students through Organized Family Nights," $800.00

hargrave  Katie Hargrave, Art Department, "Observational Drawing in the City: Artist Susanna Bluhm to visit Art 1050: Observational Drawing," $1651.00

Fall 2017

obrien  Andrew O'Brien, Art Department, "Indexing the City: Photography, Artist Books, and the Everyday," $1,843.85

yeager  Jonathan Yeager, Department of Philosophy and Religion, "Religion, Spirituality, and Fly Fishing," $875.27

melhorn  Erin Melhorn, Occupational Therapy Department, "Creating Moderate and High Complexity Assistive Technology Devices," $939.91 

hunter  Rik Hunter, English Department, "Chattanooga Food Desert Informational Campaign," $871.75

beasley  DeAnna Beasley, Department of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science & Astri Snodgrass, Art Department, "Intentional Observation in Science and Art," $1870.98

bailey  Drew Bailey, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Expeditionary Learning Spaces in Public Schools," $2,000.00

jones  Clayton Jones, English Department, "Tennessee River Gorge Exploration and Floatables Monitoring," $1,500.00

Spring 2017

bailey  Drew Bailey, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Adventure Playground & Low Ropes Construction," $2,000.00

arnett  James Arnett, mitchell  Tiffany Mitchell, einstein  Sarah Einstein, kizza  Immaculate Kizza, English Department; Jordan Amirkhani, hargrave  Katie Hargrave, Art Department; palmer  Heather Palmer, pool  Tracye Pool, monds  Sheena Monds, Marcie Noe, Women's Studies Department; jeffers  Gaye Jeffers, Division of Theatre & Speech; eckelmann  Susan Eckelmann, History; howard  Shewanee Baptiste-Howard, Department of Health & Human Performance, "Lemonade: The Lecture," $1,100.00

hunter  Rik Hunter, English Department, "Writing Beyond the Academy," $700.00

Daniel Loveless, Department of Electrical Engineering, "Undergraduate Research Experience in the Space Sciences," $1,897.00

thompson  Michael Thompson, History Department, "Urban Slavery Field Trip, Charleston, South Carolina," $2,000.00

Fall 2016

arnett  James Arnett, English Department, "Refugees, At Home in Chattanooga: The Transnational (African) Novel," $1,220.00

buggey  Ann Buggey, Women's Studies Program, "Women and Textiles: Workshops and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)," $1,997.50

Billy Jackson, Math Department, "Preparing Future Teachers for the K-8 Classroom," $2,000.00

Rebecca Jones, English Department, "Developing a Graduate Magazine," $600

wigal  Cecelia Wigal, Department of Mechanical Engineering, "UTC Design for Independence," $2,000.00

Jennifer Danos, Art Department, "UTC/UGA Sculpture Student Exhibition Exchange," $786.76

wigal  Katie Hargrave, Art Department, "Animated Drawing Screening," $1,897.16

eckelmann  Susan Eckelmann, History Department & Jordan Amirkhani, Art Department, "Student Class Trip to Spelman College's Museum of Fine Art," $1,330.00

kurtz  Spring Kurtz, Women's Studies Program, "The Activist-Enhanced Classroom," $1,869.70