Proper Usage

UTC logos and phrases are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and unauthorized use is prohibited. UTC identity marks are strictly guarded; improper use will be subject to legal action.

Promotional Items

If your department or program within the University plans to produce a promotional item to be given away, products must be ordered through a licensed vendor. Contact Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at [email protected] or (423) 425-1555 for help with the artwork. Promotional items may be ordered through any of the licensed vendors below:

Current Approved Vendors List for Promotional Items


Use of UTC logos for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, except by vendors and manufacturers licensed by IMG College Licensing. Commercial uses include but may not be limited to reproduction on products for sale or distribution by a commercial enterprise; reproduction on marketing materials to promote the sale of products; and reproduction on marketing materials to promote a commercial enterprise or business. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. Duplication should be done only by a licensed vendor. The UTC Bookstore has the exclusive contract to sell licensed products on campus. University departments or programs that plan to produce a product that will be sold must order through the UTC Bookstore. Call Kellie Wright at 423-425-4107.

Established in 1983, the University's licensing program is the responsibility of the University of Tennessee System, which sets standards for commercial use of all university trademarks. The program also provides ways to identify licensed products and assists the public in recognizing such products as "officially licensed." One goal of the licensing program is to ensure that products are in good taste and appropriate to the University's status as a leading institution of higher education. The program also assures that the University shares in the benefits derived from the commercial use of both its trademarks, names and service marks. Consumers may purchase products with the knowledge that the proceeds help support UTC.

More information:

Licensing, royalties, rates and procedures UT System licensing program

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