Official Department Logos

Request a current logo package of your official UTC department logo by contacting Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at [email protected] or 423-425-1555.

Alternative graphic treatments must be used in conjunction with an official University or departmental logo and cannot appear on stationery packages including letterhead, envelopes and business cards. All marketing materials should have a clear connection to UTC through proper branding.

Quick Points:

  1. The UTC wordmark and athletic symbols are the only graphics approved to represent the University.
  2. Official University wordmarks are required on all publications and should appear prominently.
  3. The design or use of any other logo representing the University is prohibited. The use of any graphic treatment representing UTC departments or programs is prohibited except when used in conjunction with the official and appropriate brandmarks.
  4. UTC Graphic and Mail Services, at 423-425-4092, is the default printer for all UTC print pieces and is the authorized printer to produce university stationery or business cards for UTC.
  5. Contact Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at [email protected] or 423-425-1555 with any questions, comments or concerns. He is here to help you.