Required Publication Numbers

State law requires a system for assigning publication numbers, reviewing and approving publications, maintaining publication records and for containing publication costs.

If you are producing your own print communications, the UT System requires that each printed component exhibits a unique publication number at the end of the EEO statement. In general, if the publication is designed for an external audience (marketing, informational brochures, newsletters, postcards, etc.), it needs a publication number.

Exact reprints of publications, meaning absolutely no changes are made, can be produced without a new number if being reprinted within the same fiscal year.

Getting a publication number is quick and easy

Email the following to Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at [email protected]:

  1. A PDF of the publication: to be reviewed for brand compliance, editorial style and grammatical issues, and our recommendations will be emailed back to you with your publication number.
  2. Your department name
  3. Account number paying for the printing. This becomes part of the publication number
  4. Quantity to be printed: this also is included in the publication number

We’ll assign and record your number for auditing purposes, and you place the unique number at the end of the EEO statement on your publication. Typically, this process takes less than 24 hours, but lengthy publications may take longer.