Official UTC departmental unit logos are available in horizontal and vertical versions in .eps, .png, .pdf and .jpg files. Each of the two versions come in the following color options:

  • Full color for use on a light background
  • Full color for use on a dark background
  • All blue
  • All white
  • All black

File Formats

  • EPS:
    EPS files are vector-based and scalable to any size and have no background. EPS files are primarily used for professional printing on promotional items, banners, silkscreening and embroidery. This file is preferred by most vendors.
  • JPG:
    JPG files are perfect for web use, electronic presentations and desktop publishing. These files do not scale well, so take care when enlarging them.
  • PNG:
    PNG files are used almost exclusively on the web and in electronic presentations. They usually do not hold up well when used in print.
  • PDF:
    PDF files can be viewed and opened by most operating systems and are sometimes requested by vendors.

Special Use Logos

If your logo is too detailed to read well on a promotional item or your a need does not permit the use of proper branding, contact Creative Services Director Stephen Rumbaugh at [email protected] or 423-425-1555, who will evaluate the situation and work with you to find a solution if possible. Most branding problems can be solved fairly quickly and easily.