GRE Test Update!

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in the U.S. and the closure of testing centers, ETS is offering the GRE General Test via at-home live-remote-proctoring. Read the details and (re)schedule a time at the ETS Home Testing Update Page. This only applies to the GRE Test. Currently, has not announced a home-proctored option for the GMAT Exam.

Applying is a two-part process

Applications for this new program are now open!

An application to MSDA at UTC consists of an application to the UTC Graduate School and an application to the UTC MSDA Program.  Each entity has a set of admission requirements.  Completing both applications fulfills these requirements and ensures applicants have submitted all required documents.

Wondering about deadlines to submit your application and documents?  Check out the MSDA Application Dates and Deadlines at the bottom of the MSDA Admissions page.