Doing Business in the Balkans: Spring 2020

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White castle bridge over water in Balkans
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Boat on river between mountains
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Balkan city on the coast
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Bridge in Kosovo
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Date Activity
May 3 Fly from US to Tirana (Albania)
DAY 1-May 4 Arrive Tirana (Albania)
DAY 2-May 5 Tirana (Albania)—Budva (Montenegro)
DAY 3-May 6 Budva (Montenegro)—Kotor (Montenegro)—Budva (Montenegro)
DAY 4-May 7 Budva (Montenegro)—Dubrovnik (Croatia)
DAY 5-May 8 Dubrovnik (Croatia)—Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
DAY 6-May 9 Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)—Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
DAY 7-May 10 Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
DAY 8-May 11 Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)—Belgrade (Serbia)
DAY 9-May 12 Belgrade (Serbia)
DAY 10-May 13 Belgrade (Serbia)—Skpoje (Republic of North Macedonia)
DAY 11-May 14 Skpoje (Republic of North Macedonia)—Prizren (Kosovo)—Valboa (Albania)
DAY 12-May 15 Valbona (Albania)—Tirana (Albania)
DAY 13-May 16 Tirana (Albania)
DAY 14-May 17 Tirana (Albania)- transfer to Tirana airport for departure flights to U.S.