Dr. Mark Mendenhall hosted the ION (International Organizations Network) annual “Think Tank” conference in Chattanooga, February, 2011. ION is a network of scholars from around the world who conduct cutting edge research in global business issues and engage in consulting with many of the most well-known companies in the world. In 2010, ION members met at Nike’s corporate headquarters and co-sponsored a seminar for Nike managers on developing global leadership skills.  In Chattanooga, ION hosted a session open to the business community, entitled: “Cutting Edge Management Innovations from Around the World,” held at the Hunter Museum.

Dr. Mendenhall also taught a seminar on Global Leadership for MBA students at Rejkjavik University, Iceland.

Drs. Kathleen Wheatley, Bev Brockman, Lisa Burke, and Mark Mendenhall served as guest lecturers for iLead, a joint partnership of the College of Business, Hunter Museum and Bridge Consulting for developing professional leaders. 

Dr. Valerie Taylor has been appointed to the editorial review board of Psychology & Marketing.  The journal publishes peer-reviewed research dealing with the application of psychological theories and techniques to marketing issues.

Dr. J.R. Clark, Scott L. Probasco, Jr. Chair of Free Enterprise, sponsored the annual Burkett Miller Distinguished Lecture Series last October, 2010 with guest speaker Elin Ostrom, nobel prize-winning economist.  This year’s lecture, on Monday, Oct 17 2011 will feature Nobel Laureate, Peter A. Diamond who will address the topic of “Markets and Government.”

Dr. Joanie Sompayrac received UTC’s Student Government Association Outstanding Professor Award for 2010-2011.

Dr. Melanie McCoskey, Dr. Joanie Sompayrac, and Professor Anne Wilkins helped staff a Low-Income Tax Clinic at the Brainerd Recreational Complex.  Almost 70 tax students prepared 376 tax returns and generated over $835,280 in refunds for the 2010 tax year.

Dr. Frank Butler was quoted by the Wall Street Journal in a January 2011 article on Apple CEO Steve Job’s health issues from his co-authored academic paper, “When the CEO is Ill, Keeping Quiet or Going Public.”

Dr. Beni Asllani attended the Pan-Pacific Conference XXVII held in Bali Indonesia, themed “Managing and Competing in the World Order.” Dr. Asllani presented a paper entitled, “Open Innovation and Game Theory; Considering the Risk of Collaboration” which was subsequently published in the Academy of Information and Management Science Journal. 

Dr. Keith Richards and Dr. Diane Halstead traveled to the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain to attend the Sixth Annual Art and Science of Service Conference where they presented their research paper about the growth of self-service technologies (SSTs) – such as ATMs, pay-at-the-pump gas, online tax preparation, and online banking -- in service industries. 

Dr. Richard Becherer traveled to Cuba over the summer of 2010 with Dr. Marilyn Helms of Dalton State College to observe entrepreneurship in a closed, communist economic system. 

Lauren Templeton was featured as the guest lecturer for the May 2011 Association of American of Women Accountants (ASWA) 55th Annual Public Relations Lunch on “The Psychology of Investing.”

Dr. Lisa Burke's article on Undergraduate Absenteeism that was published in Decision Science Journal of Innovative Education was chosen as one of the best empirical papers published in DSJIE during 2009-2010. She has been asked to present the article at the National Decision Science Institute Meeting in San Diego in November, 2010.

Dr. Rich Allen had the article “Equity Sensitivity and Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Small Group Research” published by § Akan, O., Allen, R. S. and White, C. S., (2009), 40(1): 94-112.

Through the efforts of Elizabeth Bell, the UTC chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was selected as
an Exemplary Chapter. Beta Gamma Sigma is the national business honor society.

Dr. Lisa Burke had a recent journal article accepted: Hutchins, H., Burke, Lisa A., & Berthelsen, A.M. 2010. “A missing link in the transfer problem? Understanding how trainers learn about training transfer.“ in Human Resource Management.

Drs. Lisa Burke, Mark Mendenhall, Bev Brockman and Kathi Wheatley made presentations for “The Young Professional Leadership Series” of the Hunter Museum.

Dr. Stan Davis served as a panelist on AACSB’s second annual Assessment Conference in New York.

Dr. Jeff Clark had an editorial published in Investor’s Business Daily that made the world distribution edition on December 31, 2009, and appeared on the online version on December 30, 2009. The editorial was titled “Climate Crisis Was Too Good To Waste.” The Investor’s Business Daily is read by 385,000 subscribers.

Dr. Gerald DeBusk was awarded the 2009 Excellence in Lean Accounting Award from the Lean Enterprise Institute. He was one of two faculty members in the nation to receive this recognition.

Through the efforts of Dr. Larry Ettkin, Luis Leon and Tony Parsley, the College offered its introductory “Computers in Business” course as an online course.

Dr. Tom Gavin served this year as president of the Chattanooga Chapter of the Tennessee Society of CPAs.

Dr. Diane Halstead, Mary Harris Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, has had her undergraduate students developing marketing plans for local small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. Among others, her Practicum in Marketing and Entrepreneurship class is currently working with a start-up “artisan” bakery concept, Cysco Cycles and Affordable Botox.

Dr. Diane Halstead published (with co-authors Dr. Valerie Taylor and Dr. Paula Haynes) “Service Provider Use of Christian Religious Messages in Yellow Pages Advertising” in Advertising and Society Review in 2009, Volume 10, #4.

Dr. Diane Halstead and Dr. Keith Richards published the article “Developing a Strategic Framework of Key Account Performance” in a special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing on Strategic Sales and Strategic Marketing, Volume 17, Numbers 3-4, 2009 (with co-authors Eli Jones and Frank Fu).

Dr. Paula Haynes received a Distinguished Research Award from the Academy of Entrepreneurship
at the Fall 2009 meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada for “Satisfaction, Stress and Entrepreneurial Intentions,” Paula J. Haynes and Beverly K. Brockman.

Dr. Travis Holt presented an eight-hour CPE session for Henderson Hutcherson McCullough.

Dr. Bento Lobo received a sabbatical for the 2009 fall semester. A major portion of his time was spent as a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. While at the FRBA, he got a closer look at how the Federal Reserve operates, as well as the decentralized nature of monetary policy-making from the perspective of a district Fed bank.

Dr. Melanie McCoskey served as president of the Chattanooga Chapter of the America Society of Women Accountants.

Dr. Mark Mendenhall gave the keynote speech on Global Leadership Assessment at Nike’s Corporate Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. He was selected by the chair of the International Organization’s Network Conference that jointly held a conference with Nike on Global Leadership Development.

Led by Mike Owens, the COB joined the German American Changer, Tennessee Chapter. This organization plans, promotes and implements German/US commerce.

Research conducted by Dr. Gerald DeBusk and Dr. Aaron Crabtree was recently highlighted in the Balance Scorecard Report, published by Harvard Business Publishing and the Palladium Group Inc.

Dr. Keith Richards published: 
“Tracking and Updating Academic Research in Selling and Sales Management: A Decade Later,” Keith A. Richards, Bill Moncrief and Greg Marshall; Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management (Forthcoming) 

“Key Account Management: Adding Elements of Account Fit to an Integrative Theoretical Framework,” Keith A. Richards and Eli Jones; Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management (2009), 29 (4) 

“The Motivation Hub: Effects of Goal Setting and Self-Efficacy on Effort and New Product Sales,” Frank Fu, Keith A. Richards, and Eli Jones; Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management (2009), 29 (3)

Dr. Valerie Taylor published “Brand Name and Price Cue Effects Within A Brand Extension Context,” in the Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 13 (2), 59-75.

Dr. Valerie Taylor is on a research sabbatical during fall 2010. While on sabbatical, she will develop research exploring how consumer decision making is influenced by marketers, including religious symbols in marketing material.

Tennessee was selected the top state by the Public Forum Institute for its entrepreneurial activities during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in November. The UTC Entrepreneurial Forum, led by Dr. Rich Becherer, contributed significantly to this recognition.

Anne Wilkins was selected to attend the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Business Administration (EDAMBA) in Soreze, France in July 2010. Her conference paper is titled "Accountant Judgments When Applying Principles Based Accounting Standards: An Experimental Analysis of Accounting Judgments between US GAAP and IFRS."