The College of Business believes in providing students with accurate and consistent advisement throughout the calendar year and not just during the “crunch time” of Priority Registration. 

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Undergraduate business majors are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor at least once each fall and spring semester for Pre-Registration Advisement.  Meeting regularly for advisement ensures students are on track to meeting their degree requirements; are aware of any recent prerequisite changes; and will meet their anticipated graduation date. 

Pre-Registration Advisement requires students to take ownership of their academic advisement through planning and active involvement. Students are required to:

  • meet with the academic adviser a minimum of once each semester, before Priority Registration begins;
  • become familiar with their degree requirements;
  • utilize online resources to attempt to plan for summer classes, graduation, etc.;
  • create an academic plan for the next three to four semesters instead of just the next term;
  • utilize faculty to plan for careers, certifications, graduate school, etc.

During Pre-Registration Advisement, the Adviser will review the student's tentative academic plan for the next three to four semesters; verify course prerequisites and offerings; recommend any necessary petitions; and map out a path to graduation.


During the Pre-Registration Advisement process, students should bring the following information to their advisement meeting:

  1. a current, printed copy of their MyMocsDegree. MyMocsDegrees are available online through MyMocsNet, "Academics" tab. Students wishing to change majors should submit a completed major change form to Registrar before being advised. Forms are online at under the "Forms" link.; 
  2. a current, accurate course schedule for all registered terms. Student schedules are available online through the MyMocsNet, "Academics" tab; 
  3. tentative list of courses to register for in the upcoming term.

NOTE:  The online Schedule of Classes is not necessary for academic advisement and may not available for most of Pre-Registration Advisement. Holds do not prevent students from being advised.